Look! In the sky! It's... a drone carrying a breakfast burrito?It’s a funny thing, breakfast delivery – never even considered it before, that it even existed. And yet, it’s so plainly obvious. People order dinner delivery all the time, but how many people order breakfast delivery?

One of the main reasons so many busy professionals skip breakfast or grab something on the go, like coffee or a breakfast bar, is that there is usually a time crunch in the morning to get out the door. Maybe on a good day there is time to eat breakfast, but there certainly isn’t time to make it. So why does the chore of waking up early to cook cause people to skip the meal rather than look for an alternative, such as delivery?

One of the biggest barriers to breakfast delivery is that you cannot order the night before, so you must wait the typical 30 minutes for it to be delivered. These services also only deliver later in the morning, after most people have left for work. The best option is to order it to the office, which means showing up early just to eat. These issues render most breakfast delivery completely ineffective for the average worker – why even bother offering it?

In a perfect world, breakfast would be ready for you when you woke up. Enter SueChef. Enter perfect world. Choose your meal the night before and wake up to a healthy, delicious breakfast. Remarkably simple and a better start to the day. Unfortunately, we will not be able to serve it to you in bed (yet… detachable drone update in version 2.0?).

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