how much are you spending on preparing dinner at home?Do you know how much you spend cooking your favorite meal at home? What about the average you spend per meal eating out? And what about meal delivery kits – where do they fit, and are they a good option?

Even if you’re a great budgeter, you still probably only have a rough idea of what you’re spending on average per meal. Everyone instinctually knows that it should be cheaper than eating out, but by how much? An analysis of average meal cost shows that the average cost of making a meal at home cost a little over $4 a serving. Compare that to an average cost of just over $20 for a meal at a restaurant, and you’re saving about $16 a meal deciding to eat in.

Now, those meals may not taste the same, and you do have to put in the time and effort, but 80% savings and the flexibility to customize elements of your dish (e.g. ingredients and portion size) are appetizing incentives to eat in. But what about meal kits? Well, coming in at about $12.50 on average, you catch a break on the restaurant pricing but are still spending 3 times as much as sourcing the ingredients yourself. And you still have to put in the same amount of time and effort for preparation, cooking, and cleanup.

Which begs the question – what is the value of your time? If the average American is spending an hour a day on food preparation, cooking, and cleanup, what would that be worth to you to save? That’s 15 days, every year, of your life that you could get back. Our goal, with SueChef, is to eliminate every step that involves you from the cooking process, from the shopping all the way through cleanup. Your only contribution to this process will be enjoying the meal! Meals delivered to your door, prepared for you, and no cleanup.

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